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Is it normal for when i hear loud noises my ears throb?
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My ears throb fro some reason after loud noises or just plain loud scolding can anyone tell me what is hppening and is this normal? when i hear these loud noises it feels like the noise is echoing in my ears and bouncing off the walls like waves of some sort please comment.
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Comments (4)
hey i have the same problem, like when you hear a loud noise and its like blood rushes to your ear and you hear your heartbeat. i don't know if you have the same problem but i have been diagnosed with vascular tinnitus, so a blood vessell in my ear is larger than normal so it throbs. i say leave it for a while and if it persists contact your gp or hospital and get it checked out. if you're young well thats normal 'cos im 13. it can be caused from listenin to loud music very persistently, ear injury or just naturally, mine came naturally.
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Yeah, I experience this as well. It's normal.
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I get this too. Especially when you're washing up - the sound of a utensil being put back in the drawer, a cup being put on a shelf or a dishwasher being loaded makes my ears throb with every loud sound.
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For me, I can barely hear when people talk in lower voices near me, but I hear very small sounds more distinct. I think I know what you're talking about though, I have a washer and dryer downstairs, which is usually pretty quiet, but when I'm the floor above, my ears hurt and kinda throb, but no one else can hear the damn things. Sometimes it's an ear infection, but I mean there are other things.
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