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Is it normal for whit stuff to come out of your nipples
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I wear a bra 24/7 and i only obviously take it off for showers i noticed that theres very small amounts of white stuff coming out of my nipples about the size of a few grains of sand i just want to know if i should be concerned or if its just natural
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Comments (7)
Maybe it's milkshake. Do a quick perimeter check to see if there are any boys standing in - or moving toward the direction - of your yard.
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The jizz that you swallowed is leaking out of your tits.
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Oh shit
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You're lactating. You're either pregnant or you have a hormone imbalance. See a doctor.
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Got Milk?
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It definitely could be milk. I think discharge is also a sign of some more serious diseases also though? I wouldn't freak out about it but maybe keep an eye out for anything else weird and mention it next time you get a check up.
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Only around Lent. See a doctor.
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