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Im from Russia and really need practice in english language, but when I listening someone speak I understand 2 of 3 words (figuratively), and its okay, but when coming my turn to tell smth, i ashamed because of my accent and pronounciation and i don`t know rules and my vocabulary sucks , dont know how to speak, i do a lot of mistakes. hope i explained normal.
Would you greatly annoyed if the person you're talking to does not know the language ? that's what I want to know
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People would always be more happy that you are making the effort, we british tend to say things in english but much slower and much louder, which is much worse, you'll improve no need to worry about it :)
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Для социальных медиа, просто использовать Google Translate. Носители английского языка признают русскую грамматику в любом случае.
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Nyet, ponyala . and it helps that Russians are usually very cute ; )
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I talk to a lot of different people from all around the world, i dont mind if they make mistakes, after all, they speak more than 1 language. English isnt my native language either. I speak 4 languages. By the way im from Estonia, neighbours :)
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No I like hearing you talk.
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Для социальных медиа, просто использовать Google Translate. Говорящие на английском языке используются для русской грамматики в любом случае.
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english is actually one of the hardest languages to learn, so you are perfectly fine with not understanding it perfectly, even english speakers may get something wrong sometimes.

keep learning, and eventually you will be great at speaking english
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No, people understand that you're learning the language and don't think bad of you. They probably admire you.
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