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Is it normal for you to NOT use safe mode?
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I know i always have it off, and considering that the "minimum" age that can officially be here should not "need" safe mode-babysitting, and further considering that there's still quite a number of explicit stuff that gets through:

Is it normal to NOT use safe mode for you?
(That is, no safe mode means yes, safe mode means no)

I know it's there for a number of reasons, but i'd be intrigued to know if people actually use it and for what reason?
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Comments (5)
Turned it off once and saw a lot of stuff about dicks. I don't care about dicks.

I guess I'll try it off again.
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I always turn it off. I wish this setting was saved with my account. I don't really understand why it isn't.

On the other hand, I see very little difference with it on or off. I just oppose censorship on principle.
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Well, when I use the app, safety mode is off. On here, I've never bothered to turn it off.
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I turned "safe mode" off a long time ago.

I figure - I'm an adult. I am not afraid to see naughty things =)
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Usually off, but sometimes you get the stupidest things with 'off', lol!
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