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Is it normal for your friend not help you?
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I'm a guy and i've been best friends with this girl for the last two years. Shes amazing and i know i could tell her anything but today i needed for advice more than ever and she told me she would call me around 3:30 but she never called me and still hasn't. I know she had a bussy night with her bf but i really needed to talk to her. Am i over reacting to this?
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Yea probably... We r only human; we forget.
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Over reacting man chillax
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She has a life to attend to. Let it go.
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Why don't you just ask your q on here and get advice. It would be unbiased
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Don't hold one time mistakes against someone. She could be having a really hard day or maybe she just forgot. If it happens a lot then you can take it as either being a sign of how much she values your relationship or of her own character, but until then don't freak out and get angry with her. Just give her a call and ask how she's doing before launching into your own problem.
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you are not overreacting, because SHE told you that she'd call. People shouldn't make promises they can't keep.
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