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Is it normal he dont chat with me much now?
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My guy friend, after talking with me 2-3days at a stretch over text..( like two or three times a day) , suddenly stopped initiating contact. If I text him, he replies.but he dont ask any question in return or to be clear he dont continue the conversation like he used to do during our first time chats. He used to ask me questions & used to keep the conversation going earlier..But now he don't do this. Any idea why is this so??
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I think you need to take a hint. Stop reaching out to him and see if he tries to reach out to you. If he doesn't, then I guess you know where this is going.
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Maybe you're just boring
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It's not like YOU are the boring one, but might be the conversation just got boring. If you know someone so much or just talked too much, the binds between you may loose because of the thing you had.
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How would we know? Why don't you just ASK HIM?
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Basically, you like him as more than a friend and really became attached to the few conversations you two had.

Move on. I understand why you may have got attached, because it's normal for some guys to show interest if they feel they may get somewhere or want to see what you're about. However, once he's done doing that, he'll either lose interest, become your friend (for real this time), or start to like you back. In your case, he lost interest, and that's not your fault.
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Aint no dude got time to be your friend. "Friend-zoned." And if they do, you've found yourself a real schmuck.
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he's eating a sandwich give him a moment
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