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Is It Normal How Much My Husband Likes My Sister?
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My little sister (19) moved in with us a year ago. She needed a place to stay and I have no problem helping out family. Soon after moving in my husband and her started hanging out more and more (all the time). I had no issue, they got along great and had a ton in common (probably more than me and my husband).

Then weird small things start happening, like them lying about going to a restaurant to eat together or him buying her things and trying to hide it. It often feels like its them against me in a lot of ways. This all was of course making me uncomfortable and I wanted to ask her to move out, my husband says no.

Then I confronted him, asking if he had feelings for her. He said and I'm quoting, "I'm not her type" & "We would never do that to you". This didn't comfort me at all and he doesn't see why. IIN how much my husband likes my sister?
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1. "I'm not her type." He wouldn't know that unless he was trying to get with her.

2. "We would never do that to you." Translation: "Your sister said no, but I'm going to keep trying anyway."

Your husband sucks, I'm sorry. He's trying his hardest to get into your sister's pants, and that's all he wants; he's even lying and hiding things from you to do it.

Also, dont get too jealous, because they don't have a lot in common. Think about it, she's fresh out of high school, and still a teenager; what could they possibly connect over that can form a solid foundation? What your husband is doing is something everyone does when we meet someone we like, we take interest. Flattery, dinner, gifts, liking everything she likes, and listening to all her teenage crap. He's lustful.

Talk to your sister about your husband's behavior toward her. See if he's been making her uncomfortable, and exactly what he's been doing with her behind your back. Don't get upset with her, because your husband should have respect for you, which he doesn't.
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Your husband is poking your sister behind your back and she enjoys every moment of it!

He wants his bread buttered on both sides, tell him either your sister or both of them need to move!
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Sorry to say he is happy with your sister than you lucky my husband hates my sister with a vengeance
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Been thinking about this call his bluff suggest you want a 3some but wait for his reaction if he is eager or stand offish
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Sounds like the start to about 85% of Jerry Springer stories. How hot is your sister?
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It's normal that he's more attracted to her. Just look the other way while they screw each other.
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He is porking her bald cunt , poop chute , mouth everyday.
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Encourage them to fuck and join in, if you love your husband.
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I hope he knocks up your sister.
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He's just showing her attention and you're becoming jealous because your mind is starting to wonder
It's more than likely in your head
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well your sister is young and hot so it's normal for him to have feelings for her. obviously if he respects you then he shouldn't act on those feelings, but it seems like she enjoys the attention too. they seem to be doing everything together that a couple would do, apart from kissing and having sex. I think you should back off and let them cool down a bit, if it doesn't happen there's not much you can do.
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You two should have babies that would solve this problem.
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