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Is it normal i already have phones but i still want to buy a new one?
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I felt a kind of weird because I have an HTC desire 816 (mediatek variant) that I am using since 2 years. It's perfectly fine. I bought a Moto G4 plus (32 GB variant) last month and it is good. Now I want to buy Asus zenfone 3 after reading the full specifications.

I found it weird after placing an order online that I immediately canceled.

PS. I am not a rich person and the Moto cost me my 3 months savings.
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Sounds like your trying to fill void in your life with things. Things do not bring happiness the good feeling acquiring things is short lived. Find what is making you feel this way and address real problems.
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I agree.
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No its not normal,but I can cum in my own mouth.
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After 2 years that isn't too bad, but buying another one after only a month definitely sounds excessive. I mean sure, we all want the newest bestest stuff, but you've got to keep such urges in check. Canceling that order was a good call.
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