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Is it normal I am still spanked?
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Hello,I am an adult still living with my parents.I am 21 years old, and when I misbehave, ehen I am rude, or get bad grades or complains about my behavioir, I go over the knee,by mother or by father.I go as a boy i have been, still over the knee, and i am spanked with hand,stick,slipper.
I starting asking myself;Is this Normaal?More 21 one years old get it!
Is It Normal?
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Comments (8)
Why are you still living with them? Why are you still acting up enough for them to want to "spank" you?
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Just pull a knife on them next time they do it, or call the police. I pulled a knife on my parents when they tried to beat me when I was 20 and now they don't fuck with me anymore.
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Not normal: why are you submitting to this?
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You're a grown goddamn man, WHY are you putting up with this?
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It's not normal. Also, learn to type English better.
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Oh Shit! lmao!
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Fuck yeah my mothers still spanks my arse with feathered whip it makes me cum every time.
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I think you've got the wrong idea of spanking here.
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