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Is it normal I dream that I'm dead, looking down on my own body
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I dream quite frequently that I'm dead laying in the bath with almost everyone I've ever known standing around me. I'm floating above my body, looking down at myself and everyone's faces. I'm listening to them talk and none of its really disturbing till I wake up. I never know how I've died and whenever I start to wonder what has happened I wake up, I've only ever had one dream where I actually die but I have it quite regularly, I'm in a complete rage and I sink my own teeth into my wrist and wrip out a huge chunk, I can see the veins, tendons and the blood starts flowing out, I fall to my knees and feel myself fading and then I wake up. It makes me feel sick!
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I've had such a dream before but just a few times. Feels creepy
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I can help you. When I started on Wellbutrin/Bupropion for my anxiety (I was having physical issues during the day due to anxiety attacks) it turned all my dreams into benign mild adventures (one of the side effects is noted as weird dreams but they are no weird, just dreams without anxiety). No more misery in the morning or when sleeping. Wellbutrin is very mild. Don't live with nightmares or uncomfortable dreams. Apparently anxiety in different forms is a component of
uncomfortable least in my case.
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@: Hoodoo
Thank you for your reply. Part of me thinks it would help but the others part thinks I'd just be covering the symptoms of something I should probably deal with.
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If I had that dream everyone would be standing around my bathtub (or birdbath), talking about what an asshole I was.
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I guess it's normal. Dreams can be anything. It can be something you fear, or something you've seen on tv, read about... Or you have a good immagination. I've had dreams like that too. I dreamt once that me, my mum, my dad and my girlfriend were going somewhere. It was in the night and we were with a plane, or a bus (Don't know) And i fell asleep in my sleep (LOL) and when i woke up in my sleep, i found myself and my dad in a white-ish room with a bench, two doors (opposite from each other) and a counter with a man. I walked to the man and asked "Where are we?" He answered "Here, with me..." I asked him where were we, where was my gf and my mum. The man looked at me sad and said "You and your father are dead boy!" But i will show you your loved ones. And i was like teleported to a hospital, where my mum and girlfriend and some of my friends just stood there and cried. My body was on a hospital bed, covered with a blooded blanket. Then i woke up and felt really crappy.

It's not a phobia from travelling. I love anything that has an engine in it!
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