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Is it normal i fantasize about father?
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Whenever i fantasize about sex, i often think about my dad.. not actually him, but I "pretend" i am having sex with my dad,its hard to explain.. i dont see my dads face, i see someone who could be my dad, a older guy, but i pretend he's saying "u want daddy" or something like that... i really dont think its normal... is it???
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I had to stop reading. No not normal.
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Nothing wrong with the fantasy or if you want to try for having sex with your dad
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Your dad prob represents what u would like in a partner.
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normal. nothing wrong with fantasy as long as you do not act. he represents comfort and security
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jensapa could be right.

Another possibility is that you might have a bit of a "daddy's little girl" fetish or kink. Nothing wrong with that as long as you don't actually act on it with your dad. Some couples role play in that area but in reality they would never do it. It's just fantasy.
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