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Is it normal I feel like I'm aging too fast?
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Like my life is passing so quickly and because I'm in a depression right now, I'm losing the best years of my life..

It's been years since I've been even decently happy.

I'm 23 but I feel like I'm growing old terribly fast and that I'll never be able to have fun anymore. I even feel jealous of children. IIN?
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Do you think fun is only for the young? There is so much fun to be had, don't limit yourself because of age. I've been having more fun in my 30's then my 20's would know what to do with. Granted it hasn't all been fun, but half the fun of life is growing up, don't be afraid to do it.
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hehe, I feel the same way. I just graduated from high school.. and.. I'm going to be 19 in just 3 months from now. So.. I'm going through this 'crises' right now. -It's the fact that I feel like I have missed out/and am aging.. It really makes me sad to think about it. Well, you are not alone.
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Lol calm down buddy
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just go out and do something...

if you can't do that at least join a sporting club or something where the exercise and new friends will probably get rid of the depression
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Can you not get some help, pet?
(Put that in to annoy flutterhigh)

If you are on medication, it may need to be changed. I hate to tell you this but, when you start work your life flies by even quicker coz it's groundhog day with no distinguishing memories.

A lot of posters recommend getting outside to do some activity and recent research has showed that walking in the countryside (or by grassy fields) reduced people's stress levels. You have to fight this and you've taken the first step by even recognising it.

Good luck!
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@: joybird
Good to know you're thinking of me, kiddo.
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have you tried buying you some very attractive nice cool looking clothes and shoes? the better you look the more ppl will be attracted to you which will increase your chances of having a great time everyday
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You're in a "depression"?

It's been "years"?

Lawl. Grow some balls and live your life.
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I dunno why this was marked as spam. This guy saids what he thinks and to be honest its the truth.
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I feel like this too. Smh.
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It's gets better when you are older, though I battle depression and will sleep for a week, then one day something will inspire me and I will get up and go for a run. When your in your 30s and 40s, you enjoy yourself more, you know what you like and don't like, you have read more and know more and sexually more confident, etc. You have a lot to look forward to. Depression will make you feel like you have mono or the worst flu. For someone to say get out of bed and get a life has never experienced how psychically debilitating it is. Know that there are ticks you can do while in bed like, books on tape, motivational pod casts. If your depressed and have no motivation, the best way to ease the guilt is to read or educate yourself on a topic while in bed. There are people who are not depressed who are wasting their lives on useless television shows and video games. I am guilty of it all.
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"Youth has no age"

So what's stopping you?

If you really are depressed, I highly recommend seeking a therapist, it really helps and is a lifesaver. But if you are bumming on how "old" you think you are...start laughing, right now, cause you just told a funny ass joke.
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23 and depressed? fuck me stop being a waste of space, stop moaning and just fuckin get out their and live life man.
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If you have been feeling this way for years id talk to your doctor about it. If it is true depression you can make some lifestyle changes that can help like diet, exercise, relaxation, yoga, talking, etc but you might also benefit from meds if your doc agrees. Sometimes feeling that way is sethimg you just can't help. Good luck. :)
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