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Is it normal I love hotdogs?
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I buy a 32 pack of Oscar Myer's hotdogs every week and I eat them all.
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Ooooo nigga you nasty
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I like parties, I like fun, I want to live in a hot dog bun!
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I love hotdogs, though I only eat them sometimes. Eating an entire pack in a week doesn't sound very healthy though, maybe you should cut down on them for a bit :p
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NO NO please stop eating so many they are so terrible for you, I'm saying this with genuine concern for your health. Just read the ingredients. They're absolutely disgusting and pretty much everything in there is hurting you. Please just at least look into why they're so harmful ;(
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Do you supplement hotdogs with stranger's penises too?
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Wish you always continue with good health.
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No. No. No. Kosher or bust (maybe once every three months). Not that I know much about Meyers, but it sounds commercial.
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Hey man, let's all go for a ride.
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You like to live on the wild side :)
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Hey everybody, let's go for a ride.
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