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Is it normal I Masturbate EVERY day?
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Hey guys, Almost everyday when my parents leave home, I hop on the computer, look up some porn, and masturbate.
Even at night, when It's time for bed, I go upstairs, turn on my xbox, go to facebook, go to my private photo alnum, and I have porn pictures in it to masturbate before bed.

Is it normal?
Is It Normal?
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Probably just a phase. Orgasms are good.
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Masturbating daily s quite normal dude. But see to it that u maintain a limit :)
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Depends on your age i guess.
Going on a whim and saying 16ish?

At that age, if you're not having a wank every couple of hours you're not normal lol.

I normally knock one out every other day, or when i can be bothered...
Don't normally whip it out and any given chance though.
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Somehow I knew an xbox was involved in your life.

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I typically masturbate once a day, sometimes I do it twice and even 3 times in a single day.
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