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Is it normal i shit daily?
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See here's the thing, everyday for like 2 years now, whenever i got home, the first thing i do is go to the bathroom and take a shit. I dont know why all of a sudden this is happening to me. No matter what, no matter if i didn't eat or not, if i didn't exercise or not, i have to shit everyday. Is this normal?
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Comments (7)
yeah your meant to go every day. it means your bowels are working properly :)
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Here i sit broken hearted tried to shit but only farted
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i shit atleast twice a day, so im sure youre normal. But i do eat alot of fruit, meat and carbs, maybe your diet got healthier?
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I have to go everyday, so I would say it's normal.
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yeah its normal
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What do you have to eat to shit a daily?
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Your are a fucking idiot.
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