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Is it normal I specifically attract older men?
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Old men have always bugged me ever since I was a child, but of course it was mainly pedophiles and I always got away. It stopped for a while when my breast grew in early, which was a relief. Yet... no one around my age showed any interest. I didn't mind but found it odd compared to all the attention my friends get even while riding public transportation, they get hit on by people around our age or younger. For a while I thought I was just ugly since no one approached me.

Once I hit my 20s, there's been an alarming increase in older men (40+) hitting on me randomly, even across state lines when I go visit family.

It's a different approach each time with questions consisting of...

How old are you?
Wait... do you have any kids?
Do you live alone?
Do you know how to cook?
If not, want me to take care of you?
Want me to show you what a real man is like?
Hey sweetie, need a ride? Don't wait, I'll take you home instead. Come on.

Wtf.... I dont know what it is, or what I'm doing that's making me a magnet for older men. I don't dress slutty and I carry myself responsibly so really... wtf?
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It's the not dressing slutty and carrying yourself responsibly. We older men love that stuff.
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Its all about the aura!
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maybe you remind them of cute and wholesome young women from their past who had good values and didn't have tattoos or dressed trashy. that might make you unique and stand out to older gentlemen.
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It`s the way you swing your hips and lick your lips when talking to them that drives them mad!
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Honestly, I don't know I'd have to view it from your perspective. I'm 23 and a man but I can understand your pain. Like why don't old guys just leave girls alone with the sexual harassment? What part of you other then maybe a bank account can possibly be appealing to any young woman? Maybe if your a chick with such high morals and ethics all the young guys are nervous to step to you idk.
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