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Is it normal i talk through a stuffed animal sometimes?
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I have a stuffed animal i carry it around talk through it and it even has a facebook account! i also told people that they are like uncles sister an cousins to it. i think i still carry it around the house because i been through a lot with it. am i taking it to far?
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My girlfriend and I have lots of stuffed animals, mostly nintendo characters like 3 Yoshi, a red and a green Mario mushroom, 5 pikmin, a bowser junior, a diddy kong, a pikachu, a mew, a cleffa and an igglybuff. Others are a little pig, an orange bear, an unicorn, and an angry bird plush. We call them our sons, they have names, we talk to them, play with them and we love them.

I don't care what anyone says.

They won't cry, they won't crap, they won't eat and still they are cute and huggable. :3
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I have one too. I'm 28 and we've had our "son" for several years. I've even taken him on holiday and he's in lots of photos. I love him.
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Ooooh... I want to facebook friend a stuffed animal!
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Whats his name on facebook? I wanna friend him.
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@: jesusj
well her first name is flip or as i call her flippy her birthday is november 17 and she is light gray she used to be white. she is missing half an eye (the washer got the best of her). that is only a few things about her. oh and by the way i am her mother!
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No, you have not gone too far. Keep going, and post another story later.
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well her name is flip or flippy and grayish white(originaly white). she is missing half an eye(dryer got the best of her). she has her own language called flippy language and her b-day is noverber 17th. i bake her a cupcake the smallest i can because she is only a little bigger than my hand. there is a little more about her oh back to the one eye thing never call her "one and a half eyed flippy" she will flippy you i will tell you what means later oh and if you didn't notice i am her mom
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My girlfriend and i bought a giant teddy bear for valentines day(it was a group gift) and she loves to talk to him and for him. Even when i come over we both enjoy it so yea its normal
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I have a box full of stuffed animals on my bed and i sleep with one.It's a stuffed owl.Her name is AJ owl.
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