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Is it normal i want to fuck my grandma.
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How can I get my grandma to have sex with me
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Don't do that, it's a huge mistake. You should find a girl outside the family who is your own age.
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You missed two question marks in your post.
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is she hot?
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Ask her, let us know how it works out.
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Normal but I'm not digging mine up
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Ask as a joke, in my area it is okay to treat your grandma as a peer, she tells us all the players she played with and other naughty stories, things she can only share with grand kids.

Never tried this though
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Any one has a tip on how to pursade her to have sex with me
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You should totally bang her! You need advice on how to persuade her? Tell her that you can make her feel young again by fucking her, or that you two will have a wild experience if she let's you fuck her. And if that doesn't work, go into her room with her and lock the door, then start wanking in front of her. You should go for it man!
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Your feelings are normal, and more common than you may think. I also have sexual feeling towards many of my family members, and had sex with one of my cousins. Start Flirting with your grandma (joking, sitting next to her on the couch, compliment her on her looks and nice clothes, and that you like her personality)... spend time talking to her - get to know her.

Ask her out for lunch, or for a movie, or just to go shopping. When you have a closer relationship, then you can work comments into conversations about how you adore her, admire her, and how attractive you think she is... and that you really like how close the 2 of you have become and hope it continues. You could talk to her about your "limited sexual experiences" and how you would like to know how do be good at sex, but only want to have the experiences with one special person - someone you can be discreet and close with - to convince her that SHE is the one you feel most comfortable with.

IF she responds to all of this well, then you can start doing things like giving her shoulder rubs, and after of few of those, then suggest you give her a body massage to relieve some tension - just start gently kissing her neck and shoulders as you massage. Be smooth without being creepy - it will take time, but SO worth it.

Good Luck!
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