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Is it normal I want to join an outlaw motorcycle club really badly....
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I am young, and I have always had a wish to be in an Outlaw Biker Gang, such as Outlaws MC, The Higwaymen, or Hells angels. SOmething about the thought of living life without rules, and living it alongside a band of brothers has always appealed to me. I would want it to be 1%er (Outlaw/Wild) biker crew as well because I want the freedom to do what i want, but whilst still adhering to a code and hierachy. Only problem is i live in England i don't fully know how to join such gangs, any suggestions? And is this normal for a teenage boy/young adult?
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you should watch the show gangland. each episode is about a different gang and they sometimes do motorcycle gangs. They tell you all this information about them like their symbols, what they are known for, and a bunch of other stuff. I do not condone gang behavior but i like that show. Also its really normal for a young man as yourself to go through a rebellious stage in life
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Ugh. Go ahead and get fat and griw a beard and be all smelly.
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The truth about life in a biker gang is far from your fantasy. Everyone's allegiance in the gang is to the gang, not each other. If you join a real gang, then you probably cannot leave until you die, or else you'll be killed if you try. You will not be able to pursue your dreams of any legitimate career, because that time will be needed to serve the gang. Since it is an outlaw gang, you will be doing illegal things. Sometimes very illegal things that, if caught, you may do some hard time in prison. If you are lucky, and meet a woman, and you want out, get her pregnant. Sometimes a gang will allow one exception, if a gang member is starting a family with a woman and baby.

If you decide to join that gang, your life will become in shambles. You will regret it. You might get caught up in partying, drugs, and alcohol, which, over time, will completely transform you into a different person, a hardened biker gangster.

The consequences to joining a gang exponentially outweigh the benefits.

To answer your question, it is not normal to attempt to join such a gang because most people do not join gangs. But, it is normal to have fantasies. But keep them at that.
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I want to join the Vors. Thieves code motha fuckas!
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Hells angels are badass. I want to at times because I think everyone around me takes life to seriously. By that I mean who says this persons morals dreams or goals are better than someone elses
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