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Is it normal i worry about my mum dieing
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Im worried about my mum dyeing she gets sick alot but she is allergic to quite a few things, i worry that she will just dye and i wouldnt have spent time with her enough .she has been sick lately where she cant bend down or she gets dizzy and she cant drive, she has gone to the hospital to ask docotors about something .she hasnt really told me what is going on but im still really worried
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Spend time with her and help her do the things she struggles with.
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Talk to her: tell her you're worried about her and ask her what's going on. Plus, follow felixy's advice above
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Spend time with her and let her know you love her. God bless you and I pray for your mum :)
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"mum" ok then.
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I will pray for your mother's health. Good luck and God bless.
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my heart's with you.
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