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Is it normal if I think that I'm an AI beta?
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I'm a very solemn, logical person. I take expressions literally, I don't really understand a lot of people's feelings, and I am very intelligent.

So I've decided that I'm an AI beta. Programmers in a world like mine are trying to make an android that's passably human, so it must act human. They can't whip up something from scratch, so they put the AI in a virtual environment to see how it reacts. When I sleep, that's when they update my code.

That guy who cut me off in traffic yesterday? He was created to test my aggression. The guy who tried to swipe my wallet? He was created to test my reaction time. My few friends are less sophisticated AI being fed lines by the programming team to test my social skills.

I've thought this out for a while.
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I dont believe it
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You have Aspergers and some form of psychosis.
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Unlikely. No one would waste their time creating such a dull, passive-aggressive virgin AI.
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