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Is it normal if my brother put the trash can in front of my door?
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My brother wanted me to take the kitchen trash out because he said I put something in there that was leaking out, and I said OK. After my nap, I woke up and opened my bedroom door to find that he put the kitchen trash can in front of my door. I asked him why he did that, and he said it was because I would have to take it out.

He's had a problem prior to this incident of putting my dirty bowl on my bed or my desk so I can clean up. Is this normal behavior?
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Maybe hes a germaphobe?
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Sounds like you're a fat lazy slob. you need to pull your weight and help out. are you Mexican?
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Maybe if you cleaned up after yourself he wouldn't do those things: I once resorted to putting garbage bags outside the door of a housemate who refused to anything at all around the house in several months, didn't know how to operate a vacuum cleaner and cooked only once and burned the roast!

She went off her nut and called the police because she could've tripped on it and hurt herself: they turned up after her call that I was trying to kill her and were trying hard not to laugh when they realised what was really going on.

I'm so glad I live alone!
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After you took your nap ????
How old are you , 2 ?????????
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You better do your chores before he puts a curse on you.
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