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Is it normal I'm a guy and I don't like sports?
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That's a bit of a generalization because I enjoy playing some sports but I always get bored if I try to watch sports on tv
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I dislike playing or watching most sports, particularly ones with balls and teams. I can watch some motor sports because I'm interested in the machinery and the skilful control thereof, but I've never really given a fuck who's winning.
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Why wouldn't that be normal?
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Normal for a straight man not to enjoy watching homoerotic activities.
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I think it can be boring too.
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I enjoy watching only the sports I am currently playing. Played Hockey for a while, started watching the Black Hawks. I play golf during the summer, watch a little golf sometimes. Right now it is January and I am not on a Hockey League ATM. I am not watching sports right now.
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i like throwing the jav but i dont think i would watch it
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