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Is it normal I'm in high school and don't want a job?
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My teachers act like it's the worst fucking thing in the world that high school seniors don't have jobs. I see literally no reason to have a job at this age, and this BS talk about it makes me want one less.
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All you really need in life is a damp basement to sleep in, and a good collection of porn. Why exert yourself?
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Well you are lucky to go to a school where the teachers are not all pushing you into a college they know you can't pay for. You should be preparing for the future and senior year is the most expensive year. I got offered a guaranteed job in fast food while I was 18 and in the middle of my senior year at HS. My parents told me no, and it was a lot harder getting one on my own. You are just a lazy piece of shit and your teachers know it. Your parents clearly spoil you too much. My parents had problems paying for all the stuff I needed for public school senior year.
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Just wait until the real world kicks you in the ass and you are looking at McDonald's and your parents basement, or being jobless and homeless....a job will sound really good then
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Get through life with as little effort as you can get away with.
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I got my first job when I was 15 because I wanted to feel independent; I've been working every since. But I also know people that chose not to get jobs until after they finished college.

I feel it's normal for you not to want a job at that age as long as you're doing something else productive with your free time.
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Apply for college grants most others are too lazy to apply for.
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I didn't have time for a job in HS and there isn't actually a reason to get one if you don't have to.
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Well; my young friend .... How do did you pay for a vehicle , if you have one ?

How do you pay for the gasoline, oil, and other maintenance that goes into that vehicle ?

How about those fancy shoes like Jordan's that most high school boys / girls like ....

How about your special clothes and running around money ... ?

Jobs also prepare you for the more difficult jobs on the outside / real world ....

I always hired young people who had worked during high school over those who sat at home on their lazy a**es and did nothing ..letting mommy and daddy pay their way for everything ....
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My parents were not made of money, and we lived a very frugal lifestyle.

But they discouraged me from having a job in high school. They never wanted me to be committed to 10+ hours of something that could interfere with studying, homework, or independent learning. They also needed me at home to take care of the housework after school.

They preferred giving me free lunch money and a bus pass rather than sacrificing my grades. Education was extremely important to them, and the work they had me doing was very time-consuming.

I didn't have my own car, buy clothes that weren't on sale, or spend a lot of time on activities that cost money. My parents did not have a college fund for me. I didn't get to see a dermatologist for my acne or a therapist for my anxiety. I know the value of hard work; I got a job upon graduating high school, and I've been working and going to school ever since.

I still live with my parents. I still take my bike or the bus, and I pay for everything I need now. (I'm still frugal, so it's not much.) I have a lot of money saved up for whatever disasters young adulthood brings.

(And my coworkers? They all worked at our current workplace in high school. And their families are all richer then mine and pay for their cars, dorm/rent, and school.)
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