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Is it normal I'm in high school and don't want a job?
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My teachers act like it's the worst fucking thing in the world that high school seniors don't have jobs. I see literally no reason to have a job at this age, and this BS talk about it makes me want one less.
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Well you are lucky to go to a school where the teachers are not all pushing you into a college they know you can't pay for. You should be preparing for the future and senior year is the most expensive year. I got offered a guaranteed job in fast food while I was 18 and in the middle of my senior year at HS. My parents told me no, and it was a lot harder getting one on my own. You are just a lazy piece of shit and your teachers know it. Your parents clearly spoil you too much. My parents had problems paying for all the stuff I needed for public school senior year.
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Get through life with as little effort as you can get away with.
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I got my first job when I was 15 because I wanted to feel independent; I've been working every since. But I also know people that chose not to get jobs until after they finished college.

I feel it's normal for you not to want a job at that age as long as you're doing something else productive with your free time.
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Apply for college grants most others are too lazy to apply for.
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I didn't have time for a job in HS and there isn't actually a reason to get one if you don't have to.
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All you really need in life is a damp basement to sleep in, and a good collection of porn. Why exert yourself?
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