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Is it normal I'm just not annoyed by people's lack of education?
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I see it on reddit, I see it here, I see it everywhere I go. Someone can't spell well, someone dropped out of school, someone made some bad life decisions because they weren't raised right and the whole community jumps down their throats about it. I've even seen a lot of people marginalizing gang involvement, joking about "damn kids trying to be cool" or whatever.

Do you really think for one second they went and joined a gang where they probably had to endure some horrible, violent initiation to be "cool"? They do it because, misguided or not, they don't see a better way to get by. It's sad, but a lot of children who grow up in poverty deal with poor parenting, drug abuse within the family, poor medical care and nutrition, and parents who never teach them how to act right or function in society. Many of these students go to inner city schools, where the teachers are underpaid and the staffing quality is piss poor. So if they don't learn it from their parents, and they don't learn it in school, where are they supposed to learn it from? You're blaming the youth for the faults and shortcomings of the people who were supposed to guide them and make sure they were developing properly.

The system does in fact function in a way that keeps the poor people poor. A lot of it probably ins't intentional, it's not some big evil government planning their next move, more like a collection of unfortunate circumstances contributing to their condition.
This is really long but sums it up well.

I'm not saying that what these people do is right either, but it seems that everyone keeps putting the blame on the wrong person. I study psychology in school; a person who's never given the right encouragement and is in a shitty environment for all their youth has very little hope of climbing out of that place without the right kind of assistance. But, people like that cant afford education, can't afford healthcare, are poorly educated or dropped out of school so they get pregnant and form unhealthy relationships, and end up relying on the system rather than pulling themselves out.

If we want these kinds of people to change, we have to do something to change that environment and give them a chance to develop healthily.

Not to mention half the time those attacks about grammar and spelling end up being against someone who speaks English as a second language. :P If you look closely you can usually tell, the sentence structure will be slightly awkward or reversed or something like that.
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thank you
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I'd agree with you despite being slightly uncomfortable about being the kind of person you are talking about. I dropped out of formal education and I've certainly made some bad life decisions. I live indoors and I sleep in a bed every night and I'm quite used to it, thank you very much, but I also know life isn't always like that.

The system does keep poor people poor, you're right. More in my country than in most. In America, Australia, South Africa and New Zealand, people seem to get the benefit of their success and the idea of a class system is a joke.

I agree with you completely. I'm not the problem. I'm not the one who has ruined things for everyone. I think I deserve a chance and I think everyone else does too.
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@: dappled
Don't you go feeling uncomfortable for a second. :P Everyone is some kind of person, we all have issues. You wanna talk about bad life decisions? Let's get together and write a book. I fucked up my last two years of college so badly because of some personal shit that made it nearly impossible to focus on school. Now I'm trying to get my life back on track.

It just irks me so much how self righteous people can be, judging another person for their grammar or spelling or choosing to smoke or whatever the hell the reason is. You don't know that person, you don't know what happened in their life. You don't know if theyve been raised right, if their family even gave a shit, what kind of education they had.

From what I've been reading the biggest problem is what is essentially a splitting of the classes. You've got a lot of high paying jobs that are difficult to get into and a lot of low paying jobs that require little education. Well then people need to get into some mid range jobs. But many of those still require higher education, which has become almost impossible to afford.
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Wow, this was very well written.

I see exactly what you mean and I do wish that people would not talk this kind of shit unless they had more life experience. The sad thing is that a lot of people act the way they act because they DON'T know any better and they WEREN'T raised any better and no matter HOW many educational resources are available to them, they will not see importance in it unless they were taught to or unless they have some sort of natural inclination to want to get an education which isn't an entirely common trait.
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I know nobodys perfect. People have areas they excel in and others they don't. I don't like to get in their face about it though, because I'm not so good in some areas myself. However, I feel like certain things should be common sense or if people don't know it they should at least try to learn it. But other things... it doesn't really matter so much to me. I try to give people a break, and I know I'd want them to give me a break too. Its normal.
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Sadly, I am guilty of this. But lately I have tried to understand more..... I myself are by no means perfect!
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You use Reddit. I now give you 5 Respect cards.

I now ask that you give 1 of those cards back to me.
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@: Valkeer
Take a handful my good sir. :D For (supposedly) using Reddit yourself and for being a generally awesome contributer to this site.
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