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Is it normal it's so difficult to wake up early?
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My work wears me out physically and specially mentally.
It ends with compiling and preparing reports and getting cash and documents ready for the next day.
I used to get up late because the stress wouldn't let me fall asleep till 2 am and start my work at noon.
Recently my father started insisting (more like pressuring) on starting work early (would mean starting at 8 am which requires getting up at 6).

I obliged, but it's wearing me out. I fear I will fall sick within a month. What should I do?
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Smother your dad with a pillow. Quit your job. Rob a bank.
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If anyone was going to bed stressed at 2 am, then expected to wake up at 6 am, they would find it difficult to wake up too. You're exhausting your body. You don't have many options, you could always go back to when you started at noon, and reserve the time to sleep or do other things you wish to do.
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