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Is it normal I've never been in my attic?
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My family moved into this house 10 years ago but none of us have ever been into the attic. I don't think it's locked, just no one has wanted to go up there even to look around. I am honestly kind of interested to see what's there but also scared. It's an older house and the owner before us was a widowed woman who lost her husband in the Iraq War, and before her there was another family living here but we know nothing about them.
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don't look i live in there
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Go up and see. You'll never know what it looks like until you check. Maybe there will be something interesting up there?
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There could be some cool stuff up there or just insulation and wood. When we renovated this older house one time we found a lot of cool things so go check it out, it can't hurt. Just don't touch the pink insulation if its exposed
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My belfry is full so I store the spare bats in there.

Just go see or tell me where you live and I'll check it out for ya.
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There could be 100,000 dollars up there and you wouldn't even know!
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There is treasure hidden in that attic.
Comment Hidden (show) should check it out, might be some valuable antiques stored there. Who knows.
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What even is the point of going into an attic?
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I know I have never been in ours but my husband has I don't like going up ladders
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It's fairly common for some people to avoid attics or basements. Friend of mine said she was afraid of her basement, so never went down there. Her heavy-drinking, now ex husband used to drink at home and throw his cans or bottles down the stairs, knowing she'd never find them. When she moved, I had to go downstairs to turn power off, and, into her attic, which she also avoided, to get boxes.

I, for one, couldn't avoid either. Would have to know what's in there. Way too curious. Hell, when I lived in an upstairs apartment, the attic entryway was in my apartment and sealed solid, and I still got up there. Used it for storage until I moved.
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