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Is it normal Jewish guys have big penises?
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I am jewish and so are both my brothers - I happen to know that they both have large penises (my younger brothers gf asked me for advice cuz it was making it difficult for them to have sex for the first time, and I unfortunately saw my older brothers penis when it slipped out of his boxers). I didn't give it any thought until recently, when I was talking to a jewish guy I'm good friends with, and he mentioned that his was large as well. I thought he was boasting, but I mentioned it to a mutual (non jewish male) friend who said he'd seen it and yes it was, and then went on to say that all his jewish friends had large penises. That got me thinking, and I realised that all the jewish guys I know have large penises too. Not like insanely huge, but noticeably bigger than your average white dude. IIN that jewish guys seem to have larger penises? And before anyone says it is circumscision that makes them LOOK bigger, I have seen gentile circumsised penises and I assert that circumcision if anything makes a penis look smaller.
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Well, a penis can be enlarged if it isn't circumcised, but the Jewish emphasises that all males are. The fact that it's naturally large could be do to genes/hormones or even coincidence.
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I'm not Jewish and I have a huge cock. My cock is so massive. My cock is like 10 inches. Girls love my cock. They are all like "wow you have such a big cock". Some girls can't handle it cuz I'm so much of a man.
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oh my, you're such a jew!
maybe your grandparents had to cover up their jewish heritage when they passed up the last chance to flee from nazi germany?
making you a jew, which would explain your humongous penis?

or you are simply a black jew. Then the size is utterly normal.
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Nice try, Jew boy. Now go back to Tel Aviv.
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@: True

oh, and on an aside:
does that mean if a guy converts his penis enlarges?
what about girls...would i get bigger cups?
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I think your penis deserves his own kippah!
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Are we talkin' schmeckle's here?
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if i may quote my favorite comedienne Lisa Lampanelli "the only thing smaller then a Jewish guys penis is a black guys to do list." i think I've said enough
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update - I smashed that jewish friend the other night and he wasnt lying, it was heuuuuuge
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Anecdotally and personally the answer seems to be yes.

The most famous male porn star of all time (Ron Jeremy) and the most famous currently (James Deen) are both Jewish. Personally, while I am only on the longer side of average (worldwide 5-5.5, USA 5.5-6) at 6 and change I am way thicker than average (world 4.5, US 5) with a circumference of about 6 inches. I have heard from 2 girls (one of whom who has done a lot of "research") that Jews tend to be thicker.
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Normal if you really have to do it through a hole in a bed sheet.
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Jewish guys cocks are no bigger than other white guys. Certain families have big cocks, other have small cocks.
What advice did you give to the girl friend about his big cock and how to have sex easier?

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Hi I think it's normal. I'm dating a Jewish guy and while we don't have sex every day, when we do doggy style I feel like he hits my uterus. There was a time I was in real pain.
So yeah it's normal. Try missionary instead.
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Wow. I wasn't trolling with this story and I'm simply amazed by the antisemetic comments. Wow!
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Meh, sorry about that. But still, I think you're full of it.
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@: True
I'm a girl, and I don't use the internet to pick people up anyway, I'm just wondering if this is coincidence or if anyone else has noticed the same thing.
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Just a jew doing what jews do best: spreading lies (about their little dongs)
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