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Is it normal my 13 yr old brother masterbates in my room?
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I know we all go thru big hormonal changes in puberty... but I find it strange my little brother has been sneaking around my bedroom trying to see me naked even though I like being naked around people. I've noticed he's been also showering with his door open and now he's started masterbating when we watch tv in my bedroom and he sees a pretty girl on tv.
Is it normal my 13 yr old brother masturbates in my room?
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Why don't you try showing him how you masturbate? I'm sure that he would enjoy it.
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Puberty tends to encourage boys to do stupid things. Tell him clearly and forcefully to stop. If he continues with the inappropriate behavior, discuss it with your parents. I also recommend that you cover up and stay covered up.
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Don't let him do the same thing
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Stop being naked round ppl that's just plain weird next thing don't let ur little brother get naked round ppl. Pls do us all a favor.
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Give your fucking brother a slap. and then slap yourself for "what liking to be naked around people?" like your little brother? you are a paedophile and are turning your little bro into a gaylord/

save yourseleves!!!!
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Why the fuck would you give him a slap? That's complete normal just like how girls masturbate. Then at the same time, you say that the person who posted this is a gaylord. Funny because you're the one who is actually gasming' on the chair while thinking about the brother masturbating. Plus you're checking out this post.
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