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Is it normal my bf whistles all day everyday??
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If I'm honest its really annoying me and I have told him that but does it anyway is there a reason why he's doing it?
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That's kind of he a dwarf by chance?

Seriously though that sounds like a compulsion, he may be, I don't know....OCD about whistling? I font know, who fucking does that?
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@: jsnpq
Its driving me crazy its all day everyday idk why he does it but its grating on me to the point I want to punch him in the face lol
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Yeah, thats not gonna last imho, the relationship that is. The whistling is probably going to go on.
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Turn him off, let him cool down. Or get him a job away from the building site.
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If he whistles so much deal with it and stop complaining but if you're having problems with that and you're annoyed of him doing it then I suggest speaking to a therapist to help you out there.
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Possibly he is a musician at heart. If so he will be happy to whistle your requests.
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it is addicting, i whistle all the time. i do it without even recognising I'm doing it sometimes. totally normal but cannot explain why it is so comforting to do it
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