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Is it normal my boyfriend likes me to finger him in the ass?
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SO I recently started seeing this guy, and at first when we would start hooking up and having sex it was all normal, but recently he has been getting into some kinky stuff. The one that makes me curious is he likes it when i put my finger in his ass, i don't do it much just a little, i just didn't think straight guys liked that, is it normal?
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Sorry, but we love it. Totally normal, most ain't got the balls to tell/ask though.
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Very normal. Which is funny that guys still are embarassed to ask for it because most guys (straight) really enjoy it.
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It is an errogenous zone for men, straight or gay. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with it. A misconception I wish would be understood. That is, being gay is not about liking anal stimulation. The only difference here: he would have another guy doing it rather than you. The prostate stimulated from inside the anus is like your g-spot.
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It's perfectly normal. When you do that, you're massaging his prostate, and most mean find that extremely pleasurable. This is the reason many men get an erection when having their prostate examined by the doctor. It doesn't speak to any "latent homosexual" tendencies whatsoever.
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I don't think it's really, really strange just a little different. Also I don't think it means he's gay, just kinky.
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Yes. The area is very sensitive sexually and gives the man two very different sensations at once.
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we love it finger it lick it rub on it. its a whole nother way to cum
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Every guy has a g spot there so yah, ass stuff feels great to them and hey, at least he had the balls to admit it :P
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I completely fail to get why some people seem to think that a guy sexually liking something up his ass makes him gay.
It makes him a guy who sexually likes something up his ass.
Whereas, gay guys sexually like other guys.

Is a guy the same thing as a finger up the ass?
That might explain much; but technically I think guys are guys and fingers up butts are fingers up butts.

Also, wouldn't the same logic make a chick a lesbian if she likes her boyfriend's finger (or whatever) up her butt?

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