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Is it normal my boyfriend wants to have a three way with another guy?
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So Josh and I have been dating for almost 2 years and we've been having sex for a majority of that time and I've only had sex with one other guy my entire life. So the other night he asks me if I wanna have a three way and I was assuming he meant with me and another girl so I told him I didn't really want to, but then he told me he meant with his close friend David. I'm not sure if he just doesn't care anymore and wants his friends penis in me or if he loves me enough to where we could try some new things sexually. Either way I want to make him happy, but don't think I can fit two dicks inside me anybody with some experience know what I should do?
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okay first I'll mention that having a 3-way doesn't usually mean putting two penis's in your vagina at once, there's three holes on you as a start but potentially it's your guy that the 'focus' would be on.

It probably means he wants to try something new. It's totally okay if you don't want it, just tell him so.
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Well I talked to a friend of mine who has tried a 3 way with two guys and she said she eventually fit both in so if I do choose to do it I can do one at a time until I feel I can try to fit two in. I'm just nervous to the max!
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It's normal that he wants to try something new.
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No it's not normal.

When a guy cares about a girl he doesn't want any other males fucking her.

Your 'boyfriend' obviously doesn't care about you much because he has no problem with you fucking other guys.

And usually threesomes with two guys and a girl the guys are in different holes like one dick in your mouth while another in your pussy.

But yes you can fit two in your pussy but I don't know why you'd want to?

Do you like pain or having your pussy stretched / torn?

And for a guy to want his dick to touch another guys dick in your pussy is totally gay.
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He ether bi or been watching to munch porn
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