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Is it normal my dad touched my chest
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When I was 12 I was a 34 A. I woke up and my dad was rubbing my stomach. I was really lazy and didn't want to move so I just thought he was saying good bye and would leave to go to work. Then he put his hand under my shirt and cupped my right breast. I froze and didn't know what to do. He left about a minute later. Other times when he drinks and we watch a movie together. He will massage my shoulder and rub my nipples I freeze and don't do anything. One time he put my hand on his crotch through his pants. But he does all this while I'm really lazy or sleeping.
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i've frozen too, it is a common reaction, but yeah your body belongs to you only. Any unwanted touching is unacceptable
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Your Dad has plans with you, if I were you, I would sleep with one eye open!

Alternatively lock your bedroom door!
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Why freeze? Punch his face
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not normal, he's molesting you
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Your dad is a scumy pedo!
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Your dad is piece of shit who's sexually abusing you. Call the police, and tell them what he's doing. I personally hope he gets liver cancer.
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Time for you to pay a visit to your local police station and tell them what your dad is doing.
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This is not ok. but your specifics about your cup size lead me to believe you are a troll.
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Ask him if he wants a blowjob.
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He will do as much as you let him. It may feel good but do you want this or not? If you do, enjoy all that he will do to you. (and what he will have you do to him.)
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@: dick555
This is sexual abuse and he's almost certainly grooming you for full sexual intercourse.

Tell your mother or another adult and the police before this goes any further
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It's not normal but only you can stop it. Either by telling him to stop (my first choice unless you think you could be in danger) or by telling someone else (physically safer, but may turn your life upside down).
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Unreal what some of you idiots say... don't wait, immediately phone the police and tell your uncles your father is a strait up piece of dog shit and is 100% sexually molesting you . Get away from him. That is so disturbing.. best of luck. Please do not wait
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If you continue to let him do this, he will probaley think its okay with you and he'll continue to do it.

If you dont want him doing this, then stop him.
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Dont try to let him touch you
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Call the cops. Do it without a studder. The state will take care of you when he's behind the bars where he belongs.
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Just give him what he wants, you both will enjoy it!!
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