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Is it normal my friend....
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My friend has been copying me, all the damn time.

It started off small, I've always listened The Beatles, AC/DC, Queen and the like. She used to say my music taste was "weird and old fashioned" and now she's putting AC/DC quotes on her instagram pictures
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Maybe she actually listened to them and really enjoyed it, some people will do that, slam something for a long time, then they actually look into it and enjoy it, and they go crazy with it.

A family friend of mine was a long time Democrat, and would give me shit over being a Republican. As of recently, he renouned the Democratic party and calls them "corrupt commies", plastered Trump signs all over, listens constantly to fox news and rush Limbaugh, and has gone hard right in a manner that makes me look like a leftist!

When some people first "convert" to something, they get really passionate about it, sometimes to the point of going overboard. I have seen this especially with people who have "found Jesus" and become "Born again Christians". Some of them even try to " condemn" me for "not being a part of their particular branch of Christianity". Oddly enough, its almost always some offshoot Protestant or Mormon branch that does it, and telling them that you are Catholic really seems to set them off. (Seriously, what's wrong with being a Catholic?)

I admit I did this a bit when I first discovered the TV show " My little Pony" in 2012 (I still have an unfinished fanfic I never got around to submitting).
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