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Is it normal my friend is obsessed with a webcam girl??
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I've a friend who's a shaky pothead with a speech impairment. It is so bad I can only understand about 1 word in 3 that he says. I am severely disabled. We both suffer with depression and are both gore-hounds –- which is NOT a good mix – but when he looms over me and growls that he'll chop me up I love it.
Most of the others just sing to themselves, spell out words and say how clever they are

He met this woman online months ago, who he knows as Jennifer.

He can't visit her due to having a criminal record. I thought it was odd she'd never visited or ever even been seen so I searched her name, and her pix didn't come up. Then I searched her photo only and found out she is on a ton of sex websites and has a completely different name. She is, shall we say, an “adult model”. I've never seen so many websites come up.

He's convinced he's leaving the care home we both live in to be with her (though neither of us are leaving anytime soon) he was telling everyone he's engaged to “Jennifer” and constantly changes his info; engaged, single, in an open relationship, with pix of this woman covering his page. I believe he is legitimately insane.

Not only that but I am pretty sure he's siphoning off me to pay for his chats with her. The membership for her website costs a stupid amount. He gets depressed when he finds out “Jennifer” can't visit and shouts and screams at the staff.
When he believes he's with her, he doesn't talk to or even look at anyone else. I don't see him for days and when I do he looks terrible. To be honest I think he's happier without her in his life.

The manager is worried about him and suggested I find blocking software, but I've no idea what to look for; I know my way round my own laptop, and how to block websites on it but nothing else. There's so many; they can't all be blocked. Any ideas??
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who ever is in charge needs to take care of this delusion. Your friend is severely being taken advantage of and it needs to end before it gets worse. I can tell you right now that there is no jennifer. You and whom ever is in charge needs to have a intervention and serious talk to your friend. Explain to him that this isn't real. That Jennifer isn't real. from the sounds of things though he won't believe you unless you have proof so do your best to find evidence to back up your argument. Then when that is done, block him from that website. This delusion, if let grow, will only end badly so you have to act now and end it before it gets worse.
I hope everything works out for you and your friend. Best of luck.
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She has. Before finding out (quick Google image search) I even made a list of all the reasons why “Jennifer” couldn't possibly be his real girlfriend – 1 being that she'd never visited, and a real girlfriend would.

Now I know why nobody's ever seen her. I looked up what webcam models do – it involves a whole host of things, telling men that they're single when/if they're not. I'm not sure if he knows what she truly is or not. He must've found her somewhere.
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