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Is it normal my girlfriend said my crying was a turn on?
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I recently relapsed and was ready for my girlfriend to dump me over it, so I broke down sobbing on my knees to her just cause I already kinda knew she was going to dump me and I needed a good breakdown. I've never cried to anyone before in my life and it all sorta exploded right there.

Anyway, after I shut up she was like "you're kinda hot when you're like this" and went on to explain how my breakdown and bitching just turned her on and we fucked after that. My brother tells me I should dump her now because she's obviously a psycho bitch, but I dunno, is this really that odd?
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She's a bit of a sadist. Might want to steer clear since she's going to want to find ways to make you cry more - physically or emotionally.
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She probaley finds your crying cute.
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Kinda strange.
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