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Is it normal, my girlfriends mom sits on my face
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My girlfriends mom sits on my face pretty much every chance she gets, usually when my girlfriend is in the shower or asleep. She loves my tongue and always tells me so, I never deny when she ask because she might not let me see my girlfriend, but I'm not going to lie I love her big butt smothering me lol
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And then you woke up
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Your sick, your cheating on your gf with her older fatter mother? Way to kill her confidence and trust!

"eatin' ain't cheatin'" may be a song lyric, but don't take it too seriously! How would you feel if she was blowing your dad and then kissed you?!

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Ur sick, I hope Ur girlfriend catches U fuckin her mom.
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yh this is fake
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obvious troll is obvious.
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