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Is it normal my husband spanks me
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I'm 25 and have been married a year. Shortly after our wedding my husband started giving me real spankings, he takes me into our bed room and takes my pants off and then bust my bottom, until i'm red. Sometimes he does it in the car or in the bathroom at church. So is it normal that my husband spanks me?
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It is more normal than you think. It is O.K. as long as you are agreeable and dont feel you are being abused. Your husband may be practising Domestic Discipline( and you dont have to be a religeous fanatic to do this) or he may get erotic pleasure out of it. Maybe some of both is the case. A spanking hurts but for many women afterward they are aroused. A really hard disciplinary spanking is different from an erotic spanking but the erotic ones hurt too.A disciplinary relationship with your husband as the boss of you can bring harmony to a marriage if you are like minded.IF not it may feel like abuse. Some husbands dont spank so much as to punish you for a specific thing. Some husbands spank just to remind you whose boss and to keep you sweet and not bitchy towards him- to maintain respect. Most men who spank do it for a combination of all these reasons. Some men spank because their wives have asked them too. I for one feel more protected and cared for because my husband spanks me . Of course alot of people dont engage in this and thats fine too. Whatever feels right and works for the two of you is normal regarding this subject. However he should not spank you if your are absolutely against it. He may however eventually leave the marriage and seek a like minded women if so.
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yes, its not a big issue.many husband spank his loving wife as a punishment that she make.
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Perfectly normal and wonderful. I hope my bf does this to me if we get married. :)
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And why the hell does he do this?
you let him!?!?
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