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Is it normal My Penis is 4 and half inches Erect.
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I am in my 20's and have been dealing with this problem (to me it is) since the moment I've gotten old enough to realize it.

My Penis when erect is 4 1/2 inches in-length, about an inch (or less) under the average for Penis size. My girlfriend now does not seem to mind it, she tells me it is how I use it, but I beg to differ.

The reason being is there have been many time to where we begin to have sex and she asks me "Is it in yet?" when it has been in! She also asks me If it's "hard or not yet", when it's as hard as it's gonna get! Now, if my Penis size is not that big of a problem or deal to her, then why would she be asking me these questions??? These questions play into my "Already" complex and really make me feel like less of a man.

I looked into everything from Penis stretchers to pills to surgery. I will NOT get surgery as I heard it can cause permanent damage, and read stories of men having to "Redo" there surgery as it deformed there man-hood. Pills I read are just for novelty, so I have my eye on the stretcher, as it really has been proven to work (from what I read).

My question is to you women... Does size really matter? Do you girls feel my lady is lying to me just to make me feel better? Is this normal for my woman to ask me these questions during sex?

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Four and a half inches is slightly on the small side, but it is more than enough to get the job done. Overall, size is less important than skill (which comes with time) and penis health (which can be significantly aided by using a quality penis health crème with amino acids.)
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their is one thing you can use to help. I speak from personal experiences from it- I grew from 5,1/2 to 7inchs(and still going)! plus all you need is your hand.
heres the link

just click im over 18 and your away:) lisen to the video and try it, it really works:)
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pls say the exact link/...
I tried the link u said but it enter the main page
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why dont you try different positions where you get the deepest penetration. bigger doodles (more than 7 inches) is a waste because it hurts when guys try to go balls deep. you are a little on the smaller side but like i said, try different positions and see how you go. try using a penis pump. i have no idea whether or not they would work but its safer than surgery. if that doesnt work, get a strap on and bang her with that, once she cums then have your own way with her. good luck!
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Sounds like its the girth not the length why she would say that.
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I don't think it's normal for her to ask. If she really thinks its big enough she wouldn't ask. Maybe she should be on top to have the control. I am always on top.
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I think that bitch is playing with your mind..If she can feel her finger while she is masturbating! then she can definitely feel if your 4 inch dick is up her cunt.....your penis is normal son,,anything larger then 5 and half inches then should be a farm animal
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i fell the same way and have for years but my wife is 60 im 57 we both are happy i take it with what i got i want to believe her sometimes it hurts me from her past with bigger gut in the basement area, but thats something i have to ajust to but not happy about it what do u think butch/charles
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also mine is 5and a half she says she likes it but i think all women like that so what to think? charles the past thing hurts inside moe that u can imagine like the other one said anything over 5 should be a farm animal i believe that they are called freaks of nature and they dam sure are but why would a woman continue to stay for a while maybe 4 or 5 month with such a freak?
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Hey man u wanna know what, I have that same problem, like spot on but that's not the point the point is that u shouldn't care what people think about the size of your dick, all that matters is that your confident in yourself, I get harased all the time on my body size oor if I'm not Mr.Buetiful, but I know that its what it think that counts. And if your wife has stayed with you even though it's small. That meens she loves you And i think that's all that counts and atleast you dident end up with that cunt who sent that terrible message, her vagina is probley bigger then the entire damn dictionary.
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You are half an inch short of being average. Just gotta live with it bro. Complaining about its size isn't going to help. It's what you are going to do with it and how you work around your problem.
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Dude trust me, you don't want a big dick. Im 8 in and very wide and it's a gift and a curse. 2 inches can please a woman and the only reason size is a factor for women is because of their vagina and thoughts. When a woman feels she's about to get hurt, her vagina constricts and when she feels comfortable it loosens all involuntarily. This is why girls that are more comfortable with sex due to liberality and or experience are "loose" and virgins are considered "tight". Your girlfriend isnt intimidated and is thus too comfortable causing her to be looser than normal because a normal vagina will feel a fingertip inside of it so why not a penis? With this dynamic, having a large penis has its setbacks and that's why guys that have it dont talk about it or penises at all.
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I just measured my penis and it turns out I am about the same length. I have had many girlfriends in the past and am happily married with children. You have your own gifts. Try slipping a finger in her bottom and use it to press on the rectovaginal wall against your penis when you are thrusting. She will not ask whether or not it is in.
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You might have a problem if you have a thin penis , the length is a little on the short size but woman prefer a thick one than a long one. Make her have an orgasm with you tongue then let her have it!!!
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Aww you poor thing, its ok at least you have a lady though. First thing are you over weight? If so loose some fat and watch your penis grow, for real, the fatness will just devower your penis. Second, my frind had a man with a long skinny penis and he used a penis pump that made it bigger and she was satisfied. (I dont think he had enough girth) 4in girth is pretty nice. From what I hear the pump does work. Third, her sitting on top will give a deeper penitration or doggy style. Dont forget to play with her clit if you can this will alow her to orgasm and yes typically its how you use it that counts. My cousin had a man with a 10 incher and she left cause it was too big appologizing on the way out. So at least its not too big to the point no one wants to deal with it right? And the pills, they dont work, they just make you hard all the time.
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Im not a girl but im 14 and mines 5in LOL
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girls buy big dildos, not small dildos because big penises are better.

The question is often asked incorrectly,
"does size matter to women?"
who cares if a tall thin man in a wheel chair with a PHD with a small penis is preferred to a fat hairy man who owns a shopping mall with a big one, the question is,

"which is better for a dream fuck?"

a penis under 6"
a penis between 6"-7"
a unusually thick 7" penis
a 8" penis
a unusually thick 8" penis
a 9" penis proportionately thick (big)

not one girl here is going to choose
a penis under 6" NOT ONE GIRL HERE!

Personally, I'd like a unusually thick 7 or a thick 8. If answering honestly most girls here will say the same, I'd say at least 85% want something around 8 inches.

If you ask me what to do with your life, try to accept the idea of any girl who is with you has "settled for you" because she isnt thin and pretty enough to do better. If you can live with that, go get em tiger!

if you can't live with it, then you have to do the impossible, look at yourself in the mirror and see yourself the way society sees you, not how they talk you up, to your face, telling you there's ways to compensate for it by using fingers and your tongue, but you are just a man with a small penis but has some redeeming qualities that sometimes compensate for the small penis.
My advice, -
Find some other way to enjoy life besides satisfying woman.
we need more scientists and mathematicians
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You are so Fucked up, why would you say some shit like that. you are cold hearted. Now i'll tell you what a fact is, Most girls that are considered drop-dead gorgeous are the ones who go around looking for a big dick, but the nice ones who actually have a heart, are no where near ass holes like you. So i hope you get fucked by a big huge cock, and i hope he makes you gag and throw-up and i hope he stretches your stank cooch out.
You are the reason why most men feel down about their self. But watch one day you are going to tell that to the wrong man, and he is going to snap on your ass and more than likely beat your ass down!
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Lord have mercy you are one shallow bitch im 7 3/4
anyway The raw truth is when i have sex not all of it gets in so i feel like they're is no point of having all of the extra luggage......anyway you have such a low I.Q. when i read this i kind of felt sorry for you..Who the fuck are you to speak for all women you dumbass do you know what they like....You just emasculated him right there . Do you know how terrible it feels to not be secure about your masculinity ..Feeling like a man is what makes a man a MAN..You have no idea about how a man feels when people like you say dumbshit to him like this..How do you know his girlfriend isn't preety .....The only thing we know for sure is that she has way more intellect than you & that she found love so she could care less about his size..thats something shallow and immature people think about..Your vagina is probably wider than your hurtful confidence killing mouth and your cervix is probably crying for help right about now ....So if you can do everybody a favor and get the fuck outta here im sure we would all appreciate it
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You should kill your self you filthy whore. I have a standard white issue with a litle extra girth, never had too much of an problem with getting a girl her cookies before me. From what I have gathered foreplay has more to do with a good full sexual encounter with woman than a big ole dick. Let me guess you like big buck black dudes?

Like I said go kill your self
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hey, I'm a girl, and i can say 100% honestly that i think anything over 6 inches would hurt me. Im a virgin, but i have a toy that's 6 inches, and i cant even get that thing all the way in. You need to learn that you cant just shoot off your mouth saying you know what others like. I can orgasm from my fingers and guess what, they're only 3 inches long- I measured- and they feel just perfect. Im sorry, i guess that means im not pretty, huh. And, by the way, its not compensating if it they do it, probably because she begs for it, just saying.
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This helped my confidence more than you know....
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