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Is it normal my sister used to hump me
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I have been this way since I hit puberty. When I was like 8 my sister used to dry hump me she was 15. She called it playing boyfriend girlfriend. She never let me kiss her or really touch her at all she would just rub against me till she was done. When I was 12 I went in her room and she was wearing no panties just a skirt and had her legs wide open and I remember staring she acted like she didn't notice but she was really horny I could tell because she was breathing hard and had her eyes twitching. When I hit puberty I started to masturbate to those memories and I even sniffed her and my moms panties. I am really ashamed of this and I'm 18 and my hormones have calmed down but I still think about her. What should I do? Tell someone? Idk.
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When I was 12, and my sis was 10, I tricked her into letting me lick her pussy and ass while she sucked my dick. I promised her a stuffed animal I had that she really loved. I told her if she did everything I said, that she could have it. So I got her naked and had her lay on top, in 69 position. I told her to touch my cock, then to put it in her mouth. While she did that, i licked her pussy. It was completely bald. She hadn't even begun to grow hair. And she had these little buds for tits. She stopped when I stuck my finger in her ass, but by then I was squirting in her mouth. I think you should fuck your sister, it's a blast.
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13/10. would pay to go back in time and do this too.
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When I was four I tricked the Russians into starting a nuclear was.
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No. She was much older than you and should've known allot better. She took advantage of you.
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I wish I'd had a sister to do that to me! Sure sounds like fun. Luvemyoung, I enjoyed your story too. I always wanted a sister to have fun with, besides my mom. My wife used to have a lot of fun with her brothers when young. I don't understand why so many people think that is "sick" or gross. To me, it is very sexy and erotic. Yeah, I have been called sick before too, and could be that I am. I don't care though. I fingered one of my niece's pussies once. She had sat down beside me in a swing, on my up-turned hand. So I just raised my middle finger and rubbed her slit with it. Yeah, I know - very naughty and wrong! Very well, but that's life. Did not hurt her any.
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You're older now and so is she. Talk to her about it and tell her how you feel. Do it in a place where if you decide to you can have sex.
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i dunno if you should tell someone but it sounds like she was taking advantage of you
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Are you a boy
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She should let you eat her pussy!
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