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Is it normal no one sees how chess is liberal propaganda?
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One of the scariest things about the liberal agenda is how the new world order slips propaganda into every little thing. Im scared because even after you explain it to people they just dont get it! Take the game of chess for example. They tell you that chess is some old game or whatever but if you pay attention youl see chess was secretly invented by democrats in order to spread their lies. I didnt know what chess was until last week but now that Ive looked it up its so obvious! The biggest theme in chess is feminism. Thats right, in chess the "queen" is the most powerful person. Why her? Why arnt men better than women in chess like they are in real life? It should be the "king" is the most powerful person! Thats not the only way the chess people spread propaganda. Chess has a person called a "bishop" which is weak, trying to say that the followers of god are weak. The new world order has censored anyone who knows about the anti-religious message but I found the truth. Chess also demonizes soldiers. Chess shows soldiers as thoughtless idiots and it doesnt matter if they live or die and in chess there is no value of life. Almost everyone who plays chess before they turn 12 becomes a mass murderer because chess turns people into killers. Thats what it does. It makes you think that killing people is just "taking chess persons" and that its okay because there is no sanctity of life. Im so angry with how no one sees this. Now that its gotten so bad theres only one solution. Wake up people! We must ban chess destroy anything that mentions it and kill anyone who knows how to play it. Its the only way to make us safe in the future and prevent the democrats from recruiting more liberal soldier hating hippies.
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It's also about white people making a first move to exterminate all blacks.
It's such a racist game i want to puke.
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But isn't what you say propaganda?
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Last week, it was "conservative propaganda". Hey whoa, poorly typed AND no paragraph breaks!?

If I didn't know better, I'd say it's the same person! Could it be that you're trolling!? =O

Try harder next time, dumbass.
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Would you like to see my chess tournament trophies?
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*looks* there just card board cut outs of trophys XD
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You threw in some pretty hot topics, but your main concern in all this is the game of chess??
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Seriously? Chess has been played the same way for hundreds of years. It's definitely not intended to be liberal propaganda.
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wait,there is another saying chess is republican propoganda?
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Haha.... trolls....
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lets solve this over a game of chess.
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Yup it is..... Just like a game of twister promotes the gay lifestyle.
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Wow a wall of text blocks my ability to read and so i missed your point.

Have a nice day.
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