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Is it normal not to catch feelings for anyone?
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Here is my problem:

Every time a guy likes I get sad because I know I'm not going to catch feelings you know. An example would be that I have a guy friend, the problem is that he likes me but I don't; when I don't see him I miss him and like him but when I see him in person is like the feelings magically disappear! And that has happened to me with every single guy I've met. I've even kissed guys and don't feel anything at all! I once had sex to try to feel something, but neither did that help that's why I don't have guy friends; I have to be a b***h to them so they won't talk to me because I don't want to hurt them.... What's wrong with me?!

PS. I ain't lesbian, that's for sure
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You may be possessed by demons. Seriously. Demonic influence is everywhere and it affects more people than you might think. You should talk to your pastor. He may be able to help you.
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Maybe you are expecting too much?

Maybe you're thinking you should love a guy instantly without getting to know him first?

A relationship obviously can take time to build, so the question is, how long have you known each of these guys?
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Stay calm.

You're normal. It's actually good that you don't catch feelings quickly, and very honest about it. You're the kind of girl who needs to approach her crush, not the other way around, which is great. Most girls who go through this just date randomly and "hope" feelings will grow, which is just a waste of time.

Just do your own thing and don't think about dating or relationships for a while. When guys catch feelings, just tell them no. If they persist, then you don't have to be bitch, but instead ask them to respect your answer or you'll stop being their friend; that way you can tell if they genuinely care about you or just thinking with their dick.
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You're objectifying men more than is healthy and natural. By that I mean you are able to fall in love with the idea of the guy inside your head, which goes through your mental filters, but find the real deal lacking. You need to lessen this gap between your imagination and reality.

To give you the male equivalent, you're like the guy who can only get aroused by pornstars in doggy style because he watches too much porn.
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