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Is it normal not to dream
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Hey Everyone past couple of years know I have about 4 hours sleep a night and never dream does anyone else have the problem :)
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U actually dream but u forget ..
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I forget my dreams too.
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I've read that you only remember a dream if you wake up while your dreaming it. You also need to be in a deep enough state of sleep before you can dream . It has to do with types of brain waves and REM (rapid eye movement ) and a bunch of other things that don't remember because my brain tossed it all out to make room for all the junk I put in it from spending too much time on my iPhone on sites like this .
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You either don't get into a deep enough sleep to be able to dream, or you don't remember it. A person always dreams in their REM cycle though. I went through a phase of about 8 years of not remembering/ not sleeping deep enough to dream.
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I can't believe you don't dream when you sleep!
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in all likelihood your pineal gland is gunked up and needs a cleansing.
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