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Is it normal people stare at me?
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Hey! I really am not sure about the category which to put it on...whatever. I'm 18, female.
I'm not ugly, can call myself pretty, but I'm not a drop-dead gorgeous, like Megan Fox, you know. When I'm going somewhere people always stare at me. Even if I'm not wearing any makeup and my hair is dirty. In public places, or transport I always feel so uncomfortable because guys look at me with no shame. I feel like they are raping me with their eyes! I know, it sounds weird, but I feel that way.
Is it normal? What should I do???
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Comments (17)
People just randomly look at other people. Just because I look at you doesn't mean I think you're hot or ugly, it doesn't mean anything other than;

"You are in my field of vision right now and I am acknowledging your presence"
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I feel like this is something that happens to a lot of people, although particularly woman. If you just turn your head at the right time maybe you might catch someone glimpsing; I don't think it's anything suggestive. I think they just think you're cute; nothing more. You don't have to be Megan Fox to get noticed.
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If you actively try not to look at people in public places you'll notice how that's almost impossible.

Although I have to admit. As a guy I'll appreciate a pretty lady's face to look at. Certainly more interesting then the ground. That doesen't mean I'm raping someone with my eyes.
How would that even work? I mean, I guess if you had protruding eyes like a snail you could...
forget it.

If you're a girl and don't think you're ugly, you must be pretty stunning.
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You're probably wearing yoga pants. If girls don't want to be eye raped, don't wear the ass enhancers. BTW, I'm looking at you right now
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Remember that you probably look at other people too, regardless of what you think their looks.
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People stare. I find myself staring at people quite often. Also, I find others staring at me quite often. I just zone out staring. I wouldn't worry bout it too much
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It's normal and since you sound attractive they are raping you with their eyes.

Btw, Megan Fox is a low class trailer trash sexy kind of girl but she isn't 'all that'.
Personally she's too trashy for my taste.

You sound like a much classier girl that's attractive so I'm sure guys are checking you out sexually. It's how males and yes females are.

Males are very visual creatures so we look at things we like and the less behaved ones stare or gawk.
When we see a girl we find sexy we think/imagine having sex with her. It's not really an intentional thought it just happens. It's probably our hormones / testosterone in us males. We don't need any emotions or even to know you to get sexual attraction or be 'in the mood'.

If you're not sure if you're really attractive post a pic of yourself and put the link here.

I'm sure guys will tell you if you're cute.

As you grow you'll learn to use this to your benefit.

Just realize it's a huge compliment. Especially if someone looks then turns away then looks at you again.
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Thank you, guys! I think I'm a little be too worried about it and I should just think about it as a normal thing every girl goes through.
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If you're attractive guys are gonna check you out but it can come to a point where it's overkill and becomes weird. That's why I take a quick look so as to not be rapey eyed
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Yeah... Im a man and girls look at me a lot, still don't know why... ???
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Why is the male desire so chastised, vilified and demonised?
I'm almost afraid to look at a pretty girl because she'll think I'm a creep who wants to rape her.
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Not every girl shares my opinion, someone likes to be looked at, I guess
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Let me ask you this - has anyone you're with ever noticed people staring at you? Do you have a particularly nice body? Just being an 18 yo girl will get you lots of attention from older men - and younger women ;-)
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@: farkelu
Yeah, they noticed it too. You know, I have a good body, but nothing special.
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I think you're just being modest. I'll bet most see you the way I imagine you - beautiful, sensual, sensitive, aware, living life to its fullest like an 18 yo girl should. God, I wish I was 18 again - and could meet you!
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The stares that creep me out is when I'm seated on a public toilet stool. There's often a small space between the cubicle door and the partition and all-too-often when I look up I see eyeballs staring in on me. My first inclination is to say something like "I should be out in a moment..." or something like that, but friends say it's best that I not say anything. I've found, though, that wearing my loose-fitting summer dress because I pull it up to totally cover my privates does cut down, but not totally eliminate this behavior.
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It depends whether or not they just look at you, or if after you notice they are looking at you they CONTINUE to stare. If it is the former, it is definitely fine. I once played a game with my friend where we had to make it through FRY's Electronics without him making eye contact with a single person, and he made it all the way to the exit, but when the guy signed off his receipt and said "Have a nice day!", my friend looked him in the eye and said "Thanks!" and then realized what he did.

It is hard, so if they are just looking at you occasionally or you notice they were glancing at you, it is normal. Some think you're attractive, others just look around. We notice people, and we look at others, I'm sure you do it everyday.

Now if they noticed that you say them looking at you and they continue to stare, you could always look them up and down and then make a disgusted looking face. It will get them to back off. Or provoked if they are crazy.
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