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Is it normal poop picking?
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Is it normal that sometimes I put my finger up my butt and pull poop out that wont come out from pushing alone?

Surely I'm not alone..
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Why hasn't anyone answered me. =(
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well its normal to pull it out if it wont come out but for it not to do this again you need to eat some hot peppers or crushed red peppers this will make you blow shit out
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That's disgusting!!!
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Ya that's really gross...
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I am sure you are not alone in this, and there are people who stick their finger up there because they completely can't go to the bathroom without using it.. There are other similar topics on here. You should do a search.. Don't listen to those haters.. It's just like a bad habit, but it can be broken.. Here is an example of one story you can check out Best of luck to you!!
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when i have a really thick poo that's not coming out easy (once or twice a year), i first use a finger to feel how hard it really is. then i stretch my ass a little bit and push very hard. some weeks ago, i shat out a big poo that way...
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its really not good having hard poop every time you need to go if you have any kind of hot peppers eat some and it will melt what ever you have already ate then you'll shit it all out and it will be a bit hot coming out but not to hot
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