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Is it normal pressing boobs in crowd?
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I am a student and i go to my college by bus.normally buses are much crowdy.i get into the girls end and try to touch and press their assets(boobs,navel,thighs,butt).sometimes i keep on rubbing my dick to their ass.i have been doing this from 4 years and experienced with somany girls.but no girl had objected me.most of them keep quiet and some are even encouraged doubt is what girls think at that situation?y r they not objecting me?r they enjoyng my act?r they want me to continue?guys and girls plz comment........
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No one says anything? I would slap you!
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You should stop someone is going to say something
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I dunno if it's normal but if they like it why stop right?
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Ryan is right, it's assault. And totally pervy, if you did that to me, I'd slap you hard in the face!
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hott :)
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Normal? More than people think. Most guys who do this stop after getting away with it a few times. Never 4 years. I used to do similar things at large, outdoor gatherings, like flea markets, sporting events, etc, but always picked my spots and knew how to get away.

Did it once, though, at a preseason football game. Woman was walking around, pretty drunk, showing off her tits in a red and white bikini top..I pressed right up against her, figuring she was drunk anyway, and I had my easy escape, but, she got pissed. Yelled "Wanna die?" at me, drawing some attention. I got out of there in a hurry and that was it. Stopped for good, tempted my luck enough.
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