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Is It Normal Pulling teeth from panic attacks
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I get really bad panic attacks and go after my teeth, I've pulled out 5 so far, broken 1, and pull out or break my fake ones all the time, over the span of 4 years. I get permanent fake teeth put in right away soon after so you wouldn't know that I pull them out unless I have one missing, but it's definitely a really bad habit, my doctor pays for all of this.
I lie about how I break or lose my teeth all the time, and I play lacrosse and hockey so that makes it more explainable.
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are you serious? do you pull out the easier ones to get out? what do you use? is it not very difficult to do? are you a troll?
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It's a process, not ever panic attack ends with a missing tooth, but I go after my teeth during every panic attack, usually at least loosening them up a ton. I use pliers or a butter knife handle to hit them or try to dig it underneath a loose tooth. It's difficult, but like I said it's a process, if I go after one tooth long enough it eventually comes out, I had a drug history too which might have loosened my teeth.
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Yep that's not normal,you do something else instead of hurting yourself cut a pumkin,I'm sure the result will be better for you
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You must be a stupid Mexican!
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