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Is it normal some people stop talking to you without an explanation?
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Dear All,

How to get them to talk to you again? I am sure this happens to many of you, some people friends, ex lovers, sometimes even families stop talking to each other. This happened to me. My best friend, ex boyfriend stopped talking to me all of a sudden. Everytime I tried to contact him, he got paranoid and thought I am stalking or harassing him. We were about to make up and then he did not respond to me again and cut all contact. I really loved him and cared about him very much and I want to find a brilliant way to get him to talk to me again. He doesn't read my emails, not sure if he even has the same number anymore, blocked me allover the place. So this is hard work. And please the ones who'll say move on, just forget about him, and so on don't bother to comment. I need a solution not someone trying to change my mind. Thank you! Time for some creative and structive thinking.
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There's a saying "A man chases a woman until she catches him."

If you try to hold a bird tight in your hand it will try to escape, but if you open your hand, it can choose to stay.

Practically, you're chasing a guy who doesn't want to be caught. And, from what you're saying, the faster you run, the faster he runs.

The solution, then, is to stop running. Stop chasing. I guarantee that he will never return to you as long as you pursue him. Why would he?

Imagine he came back just because you were hounding him. Would you feel good having him back and knowing he was only there because he couldn't leave? Not that he was there because he wanted to be with you?

First, stop hounding him to talk to you. He obviously knows why you want to talk, because you want him back.

Then you need to show him you can give him space. Make yourself attractive to him. Make it so that he wants to be with you.

He liked being with you before, so he could again, but you have to make it something he chooses to do, not you.
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@: PiAnt
Very good comment thank you!
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batshit crazy
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Is this you kristel grace? If not, im on the same situation, i get paranoid when i see her, i just left her without an explanation.. cuz i thought i will b better for me & my family.. I love her & miss her so much... :'( i love you kristel grace A.!!!
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What i could say is since im on a same page, is that, maybe he is doin it for a reason. I kno that ur trying to find out & its really difficult. Well, men do get hurt, & sometimes they dont like to show it, and they just turn it to anger or blame. But i kno deep inside, that man loves wit he's everytin, in a way that if we could only turn back time or control the situation. But i just hope.. I would see this girl again in my next life.., there i would love so dearly & it will b heaven for me & her..til i die. I miss her.
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