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Is it normal Spied on sister-in-law after shower
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I knoocked on my sis-in-law's door this past weekend and I swore I heard her say come in. I opened the door and didn't see her. I called her name and got no answer. I walked into the kitchen because if she is in there cooking or cleaning she usually doesn't hear me. Well, she wasn't there. So I walked back into the living room and I noticed the bathroom door opening. All I could see was her coming out in a pink towel. I didn't want to scare her, so I stepped back behind a wall so she wouldn't see me. Instead of announcing myself again, or just leaving, I froze. My mind was racing and my heart was pounding. I decided to peak around the corner and look into her bedroom. I always wanted to know what she looked like naked, and I thought I could look and leave. When I looked around the corner, she was drying her back, then slid the towel down to her legs. At first I could only see her ass, but I really wanted to see more. Then she turned to the side and began to dry her legs. I could see her side profile including her right tit. It was exactly like I had always imagined. But then she saw me. She yelled and covered herself with a towel and hid in the corner. I stepped into the room to tell her I was sorry. I said it over and over and she just said ok, ok, and was waiting for me to leave. But no, I actually asked if I could see her naked. My mind was telling me that sure, she wants to show you. Just ask and she will drop the towel and let you look. Hell, she will probably lay on the bed and let you fullfill every fantasy you ever had. Ha! She exclaimed NO!. I said sorry again and left. What is wrong with me? Is this normal? Would any other person have done the same as me. I know I should have left but I lost control to my fantasy. I feel so bad for making her feel this way. Am I a horrible person, or did I just make a mistake?
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you took a shot and she felt like being a bltch. or simply you are not attractive at least you don't have to regret not asking
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She wasn't being a bitch. She didn't want u to see her naked. And she is part of yor family. It was wrong of u to ask her that
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It's against the rules, but it's pretty normal to think and do that. You were just being greedy and got caught up in the moment and let our dick think for you. You probably shouldn't have asked to see her, buy I don't blame ya for trying to live out a fantasy.
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its normal to see her naked
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Hey, you had a chance, you took a shot. From the moral point of view, it's a grey area. She's not blood related to you, and it's not like you have to consider her a "sister". But legally -you are a family. So, it's in the eye of the beholder, imo.

besides maybe she just got scared.. you know, chicks don't really dig peeping toms. Forget about the whole thing, I say.. she might forget as well.
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It's not a problem that you've wondered what she looks like. I'm sure there are many men with hot sister-in-laws that they visualize seeing a bit more of. You were wrong to ask her. By you standing there the whole time looking at her then saying you were sorry right before asking if you could most likely made you come off like a perv.
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You were a total perv! Do you even have to ask if creepy behavior like that is normal? You've just created awkwardness for eternity between yourself and your sister in law. Probably her husband once she tells him and he kicks your ass.
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