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Is it normal that all my feelings fade?
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The question I am asking is kind of redundant but I want to know if it's only me who has this problem. I recently started dating this girl, who is funny and kind and who deserves a lot in life but I can't give her that. When I first started seeing her I felt something, a definite affection for her but now just a month later I no longer feel it. It's not that I feel no emotion at all but what I feel always fades, no matter the situation. I'll go months without feeling a single thing, sadness, happiness but no matter what I can always feel anger. And what affection I do feel is never as deep or serious as the people around me and in reality this "affection" could also just be a very light feeling of contentment. I understand the premise of emotions, on an intellectual level but I've never been able to confidently say that I'm feeling what others feel. One emotion every other month is a norm for me now, but as I've said before I can always feel anger or irritation. Is this normal?
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I believe this is normal.

You probably have a lot on your mind that's weighing you down and stressing you out.

As for the girl, it was probably just infatuation (which can disappear within a few days to a few years, give or take). Infatuation and love are very different; but a lot of people can neither tell them apart, nor understand what it means to truly love someone, so it's possible that most of the couples you see are just in the middle of infatuation and will probably break up soon, while just a few are genuinely inlove. I wouldn't worry about it though, because once you get what's stressing you out sorted, and meet the right girl, you'll feel emotions you didn't know exist in such a selfish world; just be smart about who you date.
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I am the same way and I'm autistic. On an intellectual level, I understand and know that's not normal, but I tend not to give a f&$#, which can be problematic at some points and with some people.
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